Important items for a hostel traveler

Traveling in hostels? These items will make your stay so much better and convenient and you will not want to travel without them.

Clear cosmetics bags

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These three clear toiletry bags are great for organizing cosmetics and while in the shared bathroom. Leave them in a place where you can easily find them if you arrive to your hostel after a night out so you will easiluy find everything you need without waking everyone up.

5 small organizing bags

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This mix of 5 different see through organizing bags is a great way of organizing small items. Roll your underwear in one, socks in one…

Microfibre towel

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This microfibre towel fits easily in a small space. Dries fast and so easy to use while traveling.

Ear plugs

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These noise cancelling ear plugs are probably the best and most stylish ones on the market. Comes in different sizes.


A lock

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While traveling in hostels, you will often need a lock. This cable lock comes without a key, which is useful so you cannot lose the key. Also, the size fits basically every closet and drawer.


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While showering in shared toilets, sandals will make your life much nicer. Try these stylish ones. They come in many colours.


Eye mask

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While sleeping in hostels, you will want to have a proper eye mask to secure your sleep. You never know if someone in a dorm enters the room at 4AM and turns on the lights.


Writer is an experienced traveller always looking for memorable experiences on a budget and in style.


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